Man it’s really hard to pick a good place to start off at with this story/adventure.  I guess maybe with a bit of back story.  So I have always loved Japan and its culture, as has my wife, its pretty much what brought us together since we both had a common interest in Japanese Animation, or Anime.  Our dream had always been to go to Japan one day together, and we finally did it, for our honeymoon!

I was always kind of weary of going to another country that I didn’t speak the language (side note: my wife and I do not read or speak Japanese what so ever) so I really tried to ask around to friends that had ventured there before about what its like, how to act, what to do, what to see, and things like that so we weren’t just walking around aimlessly.  I will later on go into specifics about all the wonderful information that was laid upon us.  A journey into the unknown can be the best kind of journey.


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Bro Dude, former Professional Wrestler, Video Game Streamer.

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