So the flight is one of the most daunting things that you might face in your trip to Japan.  Since we flew out of Orlando FL we then went on a 5 hours plane ride to LAX, had a layover of I think like 3 hours?  Which we definitely needed that much time since with our tickets (we took United) they did not tell us what exactly to do once we got to LAX, we had our gate number and flight info but it did not tell us what terminal.  It was kind of weird since in the terminal we were at, we went to the gate on the ticket, and it was another flight to Japan but it was not our flight.  We finally figured out that we were going on the All Nippon Air flight which was located in the international flight building (duh right?)

So the flight was pretty nice going to Japan, very nice plane, and took around 9 hours.  They had these cool seats with TVs built in which had a bunch of movies on them as well as games to keep you occupied.  They also had a map of the flight route and how far you’ve gone and how long until the destination.  We flew up along the coast which was neat to see out the window everything getting whiter and whiter, but since you go up along the coast you’re not actually over the ocean for a super long extended time.  Ill post a few pics of the plane as well as our in flight meal and the first sign we were greeted by in Japan.


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