I had no idea what to expect going into Namja Town.  All I had heard about it was they had some kind of crazy weird ice cream shop that had some really rad flavors, such as squid, curry, eel, and the one I was told to seek out specifically, snake.  Yep ice cream with real snake in it.  Anyways you pay like 300 yen to get in to just walk around and look at stuff and shop and eat or whatever or you can buy a pass that lets you do all the attractions, stuff like a haunted house, detective mission, and ghost hunting just to name a few.  Since we didn’t really know what would be going on in the attractions we just decided to walk around.  So they have many restaurants scattered throughout this place, each serving a few different things here and there, but the cool thing is that they do a theme or specialty foods based on current popular anime.  Id say we got pretty lucky since we had seen all the stuff that was currently on special.  There was Tiger and Bunny, Natsume’s Book of Friends, and Mawaru Penguindrum. They also have a pretty cool merchandise store that has stuff from the features shows, they had a ton of really cool Tiger and Bunny stuff.  This was a really cool place all in all, for it being our first full day in Tokyo, I would say that it was a really great way to just jump right on in.  Ill post some videos of our adventures from Namja Town right after this.


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