So it’s been forever since I posted anything on here, mainly because I was daunted by the next entry I wanted to cover, which was Tokyo Disneyland.  I would say by far its the place that i took the most pictures and videos so I am going to try to break it up into several smaller entries.

Gates of Tokyo Disneyland

Gates of Tokyo Disneyland

Like everywhere else we wanted to go it was pretty easy to get from where we were staying to Tokyo Disneyland.  The rail line goes right up to practically the gates of the park.  An interesting note, this Disney Resort is not actually run by Disney, it is licensed by The Oriental Land Company.  Once you go past those they have the traditional ticketing windows where they had the different types of tickets available.  If you are purchasing a multi day ticket, you have to let them know what day and what park you’re coming due to capacity issues.  We decided we really wanted to see Disney Sea as well, so we purchased a two day ticket and would return back tomorrow to see the other park.  A cool little note, you can use your American credit cards while at Disney in most stores.


Once you get through the turnstiles you are in the World Bazaar, much like Main Street which is a covered area, behind that you can see the castle.


Most of the areas there are wide open, in addtion with the Disney Resort being surrounded by water, we didnt anticipate how cold it would be during our visit.  Luckily Laina was able to find something to keep her warm. This scarf hood thing proved to be very helpful.  There was also Japan themed Disney figures, I thought they were pretty cool, and we also found a tiny hat collection.


Ill continue in another post more about the rides and shows.


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