Hello, I’m Brian.  This page used to be used for documenting my trip to Tokyo Japan but I will be using it now for doing some blogging for one of my courses at UCF.

Some of you might wonder where the nick name comes from, well I used to do professional wrestling.  You can find some of my matches by googling my name Brian Badical and looking on youtube.  This was one of my life long goals as a kid growing up, most people want to be policemen, firemen, or astronauts, well I wanted to be a wrestler.  So I did it.  It was a really fun hobby and would love to get back into it.

I also really enjoy video games, I stream regularly(though not recently) on Twitch.tv/badical.  I really love the old games that I played growing up but I also play newer stuff as well.  It is kind of like hosting a show, its a great feeling to have totally random strangers continually show up every night to see you do something.


Those are probably the most two interesting facts about me,


About brianbadical

Bro Dude, former Professional Wrestler, Video Game Streamer.

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  1. Aecorai says:

    Well, it’s awesome that you went to Japan, play video games, and wrestle. I’ve studied Japanese, and played some MMORPGs, among other games. I liked that video, even though I couldn’t quite follow everything that was going on. Did you pick up any of the language while you were in Tokyo, and if you did, are you still familiar with it?

  2. scanloe says:

    Those are two really interesting facts! I have never been into wrestling, but my friends in high school were. I had no idea that Tampa and Orlando were training spots. There’s a lot more to Central Florida. I think that past will actually be a great advantage with teaching. You know how to get an audience\students to respond. I am glad that you can repurpose this space.

  3. Sami Monroe says:

    I think it’s like completely 100% cool that you are using an old blog (I love the pictures you posted). Also, the fact that you were a wrestler is probably the coolest thing I’ve read all day. I used to love watching wrestling. I can’t wrestle because I’m basically a small child but you know it’s cool. I’m really excited to see what you do with this blog even though you’ve basically done so much already.

  4. esdowling1 says:

    Hey Brian!
    I like your blog! I checked out a few of your older posts and it looks like your trip to Japan was awesome. I’ve been wanting to travel there for a while, but the closest I’ve gotten is hearing about it from friends. I’ve never known anyone who was into professional wrestling, but that’s pretty cool! I’ve seen a few shows/documentaries about it but I’d be interested to see what parts about it you liked/didn’t like. Also, are you a PC gamer or system? If system do you have the new consoles? I want to get one, but instead of dropping 500-600 bucks on one I could probably just rig up a PC gaming setup for only a couple hundred more. I’m interested to see your upcoming posts!

  5. educatorzane says:

    “IT’s JOHN CENA!!!!!”
    With that out of my system I am both jealous of your trip to Japan and of your stint as a ‘Professional Wrestler’. I grew up in Alabama loving Goldberg. Then proceeded to compete in wrestling, though a different kind, for 16 years. I cannot wait to hopefully hear some stories from you involving wrestling!

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