Video Games have been a huge part of my life ever since I received my NES for Christmas when I was 3.  Ever since then most of my time goes into something or another dealing with them.

I have a Youtube channel that I do with a good friend of mine where we just sit around, play games, and comment on them…seems kind of silly right?  We got the idea after seeing quite a few other people do the same general thing.  We haven’t exploded in popularity or anything but we do have at the time of this post 229 subscribers and one of our video has over 11,000 views…but our others have much less.  It was super fun to come up with a concept, logo, and its great fun to use my editing skills that I learned years ago.  Doing something creative with something you love is a great pastime.  If you would like to check out the channel here is a link:

As I kind of mentioned before, I also stream on  I have kind of taken a break from this right now, but I used to stream almost every night from 11pm-2am.  Its also kind of a weird concept for people who don’t know much about the site.  Basically you have your channel and are kind of creating a show or experience for people to watch.  Since the site is focused around video games, most people play games on there, but there are other channels that do many different kinds of activity anywhere from cooking, to exercise, to other creative outlets like art or music.  I started in March/April last year and have 537 people following me as of this post.  The other really cool thing about this form of entertainment is the potential to make money off of something that you love to do.  They give an option to have donations given from people who feel like they would like to help promote the channel and the host in doing what they do.  I am lucky enough to have a small dedicated following who loves to support me and tries to catch my show every single night.  This is one of the coolest thing I think I have ever accomplished (man that might sound dumb to me later), but seriously, going through making content, being entertaining enough for people to want to continuously check in and see what you’re doing every night, and even giving you their hard earned money just to keep doing what you’re doing is an amazing feeling and all while playing video games.  Here is a link to my page if you would like to check it out, warning if you watch any of the highlights or videos, I tend to curse a lot.

Sorry this was just kind of going into a bit more in depth of some of my hobbies, but I never really have gotten to gather my thoughts too much on these subjects and present them in a manner to easily show someone.  Thanks for reading!


About brianbadical

Bro Dude, former Professional Wrestler, Video Game Streamer.

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  1. esdowling1 says:

    Hey Brian!
    I can relate to loving gaming! I used to play all the time. N64, game cube, xbox, etc. were all great, but since the next gen consoles came out its just seemed like too expensive to keep up (unless its a game like fallout or skyrim where you can fall into it for days haha). I watched a few of your videos and they were great! You and your buddy have a great sense of humor and are fun to listen to while you play. Keep it up!

  2. S.A.M. says:

    So true story, I can’t play any MMORPG anything at all because I suck. For games like League and WoW and Call of Duty I just turn around in circles and shoot and hope I hit something. I give you props for being able to play online and have people watch you because they would just make fun of me. I play video games but not to that extent haha I would rather play Final Fantasy or, wait for it, The Sims :O
    But it’s super cool that you have a channel that people watch and that’s something you really like doing.

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